And actually not before

And actually not before

So you have the choice whether you prefer to be a modern mummy or a grimacing monkey, kitten, owl or a panda.

Depending on how easy it is to cheer you up and your personal silliness tolerance pain threshold, you can find the result cute or childish. And the message behind it is a bit exhausting: Dear people, says the Korean animal face mask, please make sure that you not only look great after your beauty treatment, but please don’t let yourself go unnecessarily in the meantime. And actually not before. And preferably never at all. Which is why, as a reaction to the cat panda, you want to immediately slap your face with a wonderfully old-fashioned mud pack, made of mixed silica or, if necessary, some silt from the sandpit, with a built-in peeling effect – the main thing is that it makes you look like a peat corpse. Guaranteed not cute, not suitable for Instagram in the classic sense, but definitely animalistic. 

Panda mask (with rose scent): 1.49 euros

Sources used: Instagram profile of Daniela KatzenbergerPanda mask at Douglas

For the Putin meeting in Helsinki, US First Lady Melania Trump wore gucci yellow – and a butterfly buckle. Just a cheerful gimmick – or is it a secret message in the form of accessories? 

“And then I strap on my butterfly / and I dream that I am very far away / all that bad croaking suddenly becomes mute / just a flap of the wings, the dirt is gone.” If Helene Fischer, Andrea Berg or other emotional pop staff plan to soon write a song from the perspective of Melania Trump, the enigmatic First Lady of the USA – here you go, here is a brand new refrain at your disposal! In 200 years’ time, pop archaeologists could then determine exactly when this song text was written: “Wait a minute, a strap-on butterfly – that is clearly a reference to the Putin meeting in Helsinki in summer 2018!”

Guesswork online – Melania loses her composure at the Putin meeting

Guesswork on the net

Melania loses her composure at the Putin meeting

The meeting between Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin has actually caused enough stir. But now it is this moment of the Helsinki Summit that is hotly debated online. Video

Exactly: Husband Donald met Vladimir Putin in Finland, and Melania chose a pale yellow coat from Gucci as the official outfit for this trip – with the butterfly belt buckle that has just been sung about. It’s a combination of its own: the pastel dress has the inconspicuous non-color of hospital lounge walls or premium vanilla ice cream, an emphatically soft, calming pastel shade: Melania may have now switched to keeping her steamy husband at least halfway on track with subtle color therapy.

Meeting in Finland: Melania Trump, Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump. (Source: Kremlin Pool)

The bright yellow butterfly buckle, however, gives the minimally matroning look a decidedly playful dreamy touch, you immediately have “Papillon” by Nicole in your ear, in which she sings about a shaky butterfly for which there are no limits: “Carry the spark of hope into every heart / let people be free and happy again. ” All the worries and fears that the US President stirs up in the world with his daily, erratic behavior, dissolve again in carefree ease – that would indeed be a beautiful, honorable task for a first lady, admittedly hardly without stable wings to accomplish.

Since some attentive Twitterers have discovered that Queen Elizabeth II. During Trump’s visit to Great Britain just a few days earlier, using an ingenious brooch choice, possibly sent secret messages to the world public interested in badges, it is increasingly advisable to pay special attention to such small outfit details. So does Melania buckle her fantasies of escaping the White House? Does she want to make the flutter soon? Or does it just signal: “Old Falter, how did I get into this gigantic mess?” As cheerful as the little animal accessory actually looks, you could become so gloomy if you look at Melania’s matching, now traditional poker face.theme statements for to kill a mockingbird Can she be really well? Only the last verses of Nicole’s butterfly song give you courage: The sung-about flutterer is in danger because a sinister bird of prey is after him, but can save himself. And now everyone: “Lucky Papillon!”

Butterfly buckle by Gucci (including coat), 2600 euros 

The rap star Snoop Dogg is known as a critic of the US president – now he has brought a particularly bold action in Washington. He didn’t have any nice words for Donald Trump.

Rapper Snoop Dogg provokes the US President with a series of Instagram videos. The videos that the musician posted on his profile on social Instagram show him insulting Donald Trump several times – and making his way to the White House. Once there, he sits down on a park bench and smokes a joint. Not without cursing the US President again. Among other things, the website “WorldStarHipHop” reported on the campaign.

In the past few months, the prominent rapper had publicly messed with Trump several times. Among other things, he said that anyone who sympathized with Trump was a racist. Last year his video for the song “Lavender” showed the caricature of an assassination attempt on the US president. Trump then demanded a jail sentence for the musician. His lawyer asked Snoop Dogg to apologize. Obviously he doesn’t intend to.

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If you did not get tickets for a secret concert by Paul McCartney last Monday, you can now at least write down a fashion suggestion from the former Beatle: Let’s dress more papistically than the Pope! 

There are regrettably few occasions when one can wear purple – at least unless one is a bishop or some other high clerical dignitary with robe authority. Or even the age beat Paul McCartney, who wore at least a heavy purple buoyant jeans to a kind of secret concert in the Abbey Road Studios on Monday. According to general knowledge, he is not part of the religious management staff, but since the legendary studios (near the legendary zebra crossing, you know) for Beatles disciples has at least cathedral-like knee-dropping qualities, it fits.

“, ‘Instagram’);}) (); / ** /

McCartney’s slightly fluffed, discreetly faded colored leggings played slightly into burgundy red, just as if someone had tipped a glass of red wine into the fabric softener compartment while doing the discreetly fiddled laundry out of joke because the regular fluffy liquid was just running out – what do we know how it? Is that what happens in the laundry room with pop stars? Even burgundy is not exactly part of the classic jeans color spectrum and therefore gives the pop senior inside a slightly hippie bohemian touch without drifting into the undignified angular. Of course, this is also due to the fact that purple not only traditionally belongs to the outfit-of-the-day standard tones of popes and pope-like shades, but also adorned the togas of the triumphant and emperor in ancient Rome. You have to try very hard to come across as sloppy with such hierarchically charged Buxen. 

Which, unfortunately, cannot be said of all the denim discolorations that the internationally disguised fashion dictatorship will bring us in the coming autumn – really, it will come, even if one can no longer hope to experience it, it will come, it will be us save and cool our throbbing foreheads and bring our heated brains back to operating temperature with cooling winds – so I want to force wearing them in the coming autumn: I have already seen jeans in such mediocre desirable colors as window putty, dried mustard jar rim and pale skin far from the sun. “Nice” is of course a really serious criterion in the rare cases, but seriously: It wasn’t nice.

So let’s not believe the dubious denim dyers, let’s believe Paul McCartney. And so let’s wear his pants, even if it’s not our due, because we are as far removed from the pop royalty of Paul McCartney as a nosebleed assistant administrator is from the dignity of the Pope.

Burgundy jeans, 49.99 euros 

Old love, new happiness: US actor Terrence Howard and his ex-wife Miranda Pak got engaged – three years after the divorce.

Fans know Terrence Howard from the series “Empire”. Just in time for Christmas, the actor gave himself and his ex-wife Miranda Pak a very special gift. There was a marriage proposal at dinner with friends.

“, ‘Instagram’);}) (); / ** /

“That’s all that counts”

The 49-year-old shares several photos and a video of the engagement on Instagram. Then he slips a ring over the finger of his former and future wife. “I pray everyone will find that one person who will make them perfect for all eternity. Because that’s all that matters. I love you,” Howard told Pak in front of friends at a restaurant before the proposal was toasted. 

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The couple married in 2013 and divorced two years later. A short time later, the two could be seen together again at events. Their second son, Hero, was born a year after the divorce. For Howard, who in 2006 for his role in the drama “Hustle Flow “was nominated for an Oscar, the next wedding will be his fifth to the third wife. He also remarried his first wife Lori McCommas two years later after a divorce in 2003. Howard has five children and two grandchildren.

Sources used: dpa Instagram profile of Terrence Howard

Attention: If you want to look directly at this dress, you actually have to wear snow goggles as a precaution to protect your eyesight. So, just to be on the safe side, squint at this thing that is not a dress, but so much more.

You don’t see it straight away, you have to admit that. That is why it can happen that the spectacle that Jennifer Lopez put on this week is mistakenly mistaken for a dress (a very expensive dress, haute couture by Lebanese designer Georges Chakra).

It doesn’t get any pinker 

This is not an outfit, but an oversized world calming spray. Life has become so exhausting, among other things, because you have to constantly argue with someone about something. That’s why J-Los’s glaring silk fumble acts like a mighty, perhaps even mystical secret weapon that has the power to unite all people all over the world for a tiny moment. Because with this “dress” there can be no two opinions: It doesn’t get any pinker. 

The halter top, which generously exposes the J-Lo area, the nonchalant slits, which allow absolutely effortless leg ventilation – all the spectacular details of the silk robe fade alongside the radiance of this color: a pink like a resounding slap in the face, a bright flash in the darkest night , a wrong drill movement during root canal treatment. So that nothing distracts from this color (as if that were possible!), Lopez has done without flashy makeup, on her fingers she still wears a few clunkers of pink sapphires as small exclamation marks.

A worthy robe for a superhero 

Actually, you have to admit, this robe is far too powerful for a disdainful music award ceremony. It would finally be a suitable, dignified garment for a superheroine (or a superhero) who rushes through the universe in it and hits wherever rancid gender stereotypes prohibit a boy from playing with dolls and want to block the way for a woman, CEO to become a giganto company. The heroine (or the hero) would briefly fluff her (or his) silky skirt, as if absent-mindedly twist one of her bulky rings – and a pink shattering beam would simply crush all crusty ideas in all present heads. A pink veil would cover the minds of everyone involved for a few moments, and the world would be a more beautiful, better one.

From the weight bench: Jennifer Lopez shows mega-Muckies On the red carpet: Jennifer Lopez very emotional 

Sounds like a fantasy and unbelievable. Alright Maybe Jennifer Lopez’s outfit at the American Music Awards is just a dress after all. But, and nobody can deny that, in the whole world, whether man or woman: A really pretty pink one.

Pink haute couture dress by Geirges Chakra, price on request. 

Friends, fans and relatives of the shot rapper Nipsey Hussle said goodbye to the musician at a large funeral service. Snoop Dogg was also dismayed.

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According to US media reports, more than 20,000 people attended the Staples Center in Los Angeles on Thursday (local time). Rapper Snoop Dogg praised his colleague as a lovable person who had campaigned for the reconciliation of rival gangs.